The Roots Group of CompaniesRoots Industries India Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of HORNS in India and the 11th largest Horn Manufacturing Company in the world.

Headquartered in Coimbatore - India, ROOTS has been a dominant player in the manufacture of Horns and other products like
Castings and Industrial Cleaning Machines.

Since its establishment in 1970, ROOTS has had a vision and commitment to produce and deliver quality products adhering to International Standards.

With a strong innovative base and commitment to Quality, Roots Industries India Ltd has occupied a key position in both international and domestic market as suppliers to leading OEMs and after market. Similar to products, Roots has leading edge over competitors on strong quality system base. Now, RIL is the first Indian Company and first horn manufacturing company in the world to get ISO/TS 16949 certification based on effective implementation of QS 9000 and VDA 6.1 system requirement earlier. Roots' vision is to become a world class company manufacturing  world class product, excelling in human relation.

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We will stand technologically ahead of others to deliver world-class innovative products useful to our customers. We will rather lose our business than our customers' satisfaction. It is our aim that the customer should get the best value for his money.

Every member of our company will have decent living standards. We care deeply for our families, for our environment and our society. We promise to pay back in full measure to the society by way of selfless and unstinted service.

In a dynamic world that is driven by technology, a successful presence depends on the way you mould that technology to fit popular needs. Indigenous talent, a daring attitude, courage to accept and learn new things... and the simple spark of an idea.
That is the genesis of ROOTS