Social responsibility and the will to serve immediate communities are both values deeply embedded in the DNA of the Roots Group. From implementing environment safety norms to devising policies for judicious use of resources within the organisation, Roots and its team takes its commitment to betterment seriously. A pre-determined percentage of the total group turnover has always been allocated to community development causes. Roots Care Trust has five divisions that focus on key areas of social development: environment, medical, education, social and spiritual.

All members of the Roots community volunteer in medical camps and take an active role in spreading awareness of diseases and disorders. Education initiatives include providing uniforms and study support material, addressing basic infrastructure in local schools and construction of amenities like toilets and water tanks for the schools. Academically brilliant students are encouraged to pursue higher education and are funded by the Trust.

Social development is focused on the adopted village of the group—Kathirnaickenpalayam. From building toilets and other sanitation facilities, members of the group have been able to magically transform the hamlet. Roots is a powerful propagator of road safety. In liaison with the government and traffic divisions of Coimbatore city, the group embarked on a series of road safety signboards. Members also volunteer at traffic signals during peak hours, to ease out traffic. Every member of the group engages in active tree planting and awareness programmes on environmental preservation.