About Roots

At Roots, the idea is to make the workplace as warm and welcoming as home. This has led to the creation of challenging job profiles in a stimulating work environment that brings out the best talents in each individual. The level of involvement is very high, thereby, resulting in a personal touch about everything in Roots.

Core Values of the Roots

The core values of the Roots group are founded on a simple, yet profound philosophy:

Make a clear difference as a responsible corporate entity that is committed to Technological, Social, Ethical, and Environmental betterment.This is achieved through

  • Creating a free-spirited, intellectually challenging work culture within the organization.
  • Sustaining a lead position as a trusted solutions provider to customers
  • Adding value in every way, from technological to quality to customer relations.

The Value pyramid of the group is built on the four principles of integrity, transparency, quality, and commitment. Roots, as a group is a towering example of a family enterprise that has embraced cutting-edge technology in its manufacturing practices and a professional approach to management. This is reflected in the way every member of the Roots family functions, both at the workplace and beyond. Roots believe in personal empowerment. This has helped people identify a unique path of growth for themselves without losing the greater organizational purpose.

Exceeding Expectations Through Innovation

We are committed to providing world-class products and services that exceed customer expectations with due concern for the environment and safety of the society. This will be achieved through total employee involvement, technical Innovation, cost reduction, and continual improvement in

  • Quality of the products and services
  • Quality Management System
  • Compliance to QMS requirements

Quality will reflect in everything we do and think

  • Quality in behavior
  • Quality in governance
  • Quality in human relations


In a country that used the automobile horn almost as much as the brake, it was a tough challenge to create durable, reliable, and good-sounding auto horns in the 1970s. The development of Roots Electric Horns took almost a decade to attain fruition. In the meantime, the company made inroads into the air horn market with the first-of-its-kind electric air horns.


The foundation of Roots, was laid down in 1970, at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu by Mr. K. Ramasamy (Founder & Chairman). From a young age, he had a unique attraction towards automotive horns. In those days, the quality & durability of automotive horns was quite stale and despite the limited number of cars being made in India, automotive horns were imported from offshore nations like Germany, the UK, Japan, and USA. This emerging deficit brought up the idea to procure quality horns in India.


R&D plays an indispensable role in producing and fulfilling the purpose of a product in the market. On that note, Roots invests on in-depth R&D to procure well-engineered products and make continual improvements parallelly. Roots’ R & D is acknowledged, by the Ministry of Science and Technology – Department of Scientific and Industrial Research covering the objectives of design, development, up-gradation, innovation and value engineering.

Furthermore, 2 Generations of experience in product development help in understanding customer preferences and to create merchandise, that transcends expectation. The company spends 2% of its annual sales on R&D and plans to take it up to 4% soon. It has a highly automated plant in Coimbatore, having an independent department of 25 Engineers engaged in new product development.


Commitment to world-class products and services, exceeding customer expectations with due concern for the environment and society has helped Roots create niche expertise in the market. Factors such as employee involvement, technical innovation, cost reduction, constant innovation in merchandise and compliance to QMS requirement, further attributes to quality.

Their quality is reflected in their behaviour, Governance and Human relation. In short, from head to toe Roots is reinforced with quality. “Quality is our foundation and we didn’t compromise on that. As a result, it took us 12 years to develop a product of international quality. We had competition from international players like Lucas from England and Hella from Germany but we could compete with them purely because of our exceptional quality standards,” says Mr. Ramasamy. Roots’ quality has been recognized by International standards namely IATF16949:2016, ESD S20.20:2014, ISO14001:2015, ISO45001:2018, EN9100:2018, ISO13485:2016. These quality certificates further attribute their stringent nature towards standards. Roots, is equipped with cutting-edge machinery and revolutionary methodologies that can devise simple solutions even for a complex problem.